27 January 2018

Victoria Colmegna

Victoria Colmegna drawing mixed media
Victoria Colmegna 
Campus Cool; #2. Secrets: What J wants J gets! Even if someone gets hurt.; #20. Crash Landing!: Will Julian lose her best friend?; #4. Power Play: The twins have taken sides, against each other!; #103. Clara solves it all!: Does Clara have all the answers?; #102. WW2 Reconstructing Art School: It's punk to do what can't be done, 2017
Aluminum, galvanized steel, tempered glass, lock, keys; pastel on velvet; graphite and marker on paper; archival photographs
74.93 × 64.77 × 5.08 cm

Victoria Colmegna. Broken Ego
4 November 2017 – 27 January 2018
Park View gallery, Los Angeles